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    KANA: Change Redux

    Earlier this year, in a previous post, I noted that change is the one constant in business and in life. Change is good as long as it ultimately carries a person and a business forward with new insight, knowledge and skills. Without change, a person can stagnate and an organization can lose its edge.

    Look at the Yankees. Over the past 15 years, the team has changed managers, stadiums, and nearly every position player on the field. These changes might have been too much for another team. But the DNA of champions is deeply embedded within the Yankees organization. Ultimately, it was a combination of their winning DNA and the changes made during rebuilding years that lead the team back to the top – after nearly a decade without a Series ring.

    Like the Yankees, KANA’s got winning DNA. The changes we’ve made at KANA to date this year are intended to have the same end game: getting us back on top. While these changes haven’t been easy and much hard work remains ahead of us, we continue making steady progress on all fronts.

    Just last month, on the business side, we announced Accel-KKR’s plans to acquire our company and take it private. KANA has been a strong leader in customer service for more than a decade. This is attributed to the depth of our customer base, the talent of our employees, and the investment in innovation technology, like KANA 10. Accel-KKR recognized these winning attributes, and they played a significant role in bringing about this corporate shift.

    Accel-KKR’s financial strength and expertise make it the ideal partner to help us fortify our operation – from providing strong, responsive customer support to ongoing product enhancements to adding to the innovation of our new service experience management (SEM) solution, to which we just integrated new social capabilities.

    This month, we’re making yet another change, on the communications front. We are folding KANA’s executive management blog, Speak Out, into the Company’s Evolved Thinking blog, which was established years ago by our service division and has built a strong following. KANA’s Speak Out contributors (myself included) will now post on Evolved Thinking.

    As many of you may know, Evolved Thinking is a place for KANA’s thought leaders to share their perspectives on trends in customer service and support, self-service, knowledge management, social CRM and other topics central to improving the service experience. This focus won’t change. Rather, we’ll be posting more often and offering a broader spectrum of contributor voices to sound off on these pertinent topics, share best practices and, of course, to continue providing insight into changes in our industry and at KANA.


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