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    Email Done Right

    Customers don’t trust email as a reliable communication channel with a service organization. How many times have you sent in an email to a company, and received no response? Or received only a partial answer after waiting for days?

    Poor performance of email tools can usually be traced to their implementation history – email systems were typically deployed years ago with little tuning to maximize their productivity.

    Even with history working against you, here are some basic steps to follow in setting up your customer service email.

    • Make email part of your multichannel strategy – Don’t think of email as a siloed channel. Provide seamless escalation between your web self-service offering and email, and be sure to have a single source of knowledge that is used across all your communication channels.
    • Keep your customers in the loop from the time they send an email into you, to the time that they get an answer to their questions. Always send them an auto-acknowledgement letting them know you got their email. Tell them how long it will take to answer their email. And provide them with alternate contact channels if the SLA you have communicated to them sounds too long to them.
    • Manage your email flow so that you can meet your SLAs. Set up your rules and queues to ensure that emails get sent to the right skillset of agents. And staffing each email queue with the appropriate number of email agents to ensure that your SLAs are met
    • Use automation tools – like auto-responses, auto-suggestions to take the load off your agents. Use text matching algorithms to read the intent of incoming emails in order to route them to the right email queue.
    • Teach your agents to properly answer email – like answering all the questions that are contained in an incoming email, and answering all questions that are asked, and ones that are implied.
    • Monitor, measure and optimize your email performance. And be flexible enough to change if you find yourself falling behind in your SLAs or quality of customer care.

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