• 01:43:07 am on June 23, 2009 | 4

    Palm Pre vs. Blackberry Storm vs. iPhone 3G

    All three are getting lots of attention lately. There are even websites dedicated to posting celebrity sightings. What do all three have in common? A great product backed by exceptional customer service, the later courtesy of eVergance.

    If you were one of the lucky few to grab a Pre from your local Sprint store before supplies ran out, you likely visited Palm’s Customer Support Site for information on setting up your new phone. Recently redesigned by eVergance using KANA IQ Windows, this site offers up-to-date information, including a communities section where customers discuss what they’re doing with this revolutionary new product. Interested in upgrading your current Sprint phone to a Pre? Call or email Sprint Customer Care, another eVergance and KANA customer! 


    Palm support site


    If you’re a Blackberry user, like me, you have hopefully visited the Blackberry Technical Support Center (BTSC) by now to upgrade your operating system to 4.5. Originally deployed by eVergance in 2006 and updated again just last year, the BTSC is where end users and developers alike find answers to their Blackberry questions. Ready to upgrade your Verizon Wireless plan to a Blackberry Enterprise Server  account? They’re an eVergance customer as well!

    Last but certainly not least is the iPhone.  I have to admit, we have never touched Apple’s support site. But you can only buy the iPhone from one wireless carrier in the US, and when you visit AT&T’s customer support site to activate the phone, you’ll be using a customer support site powered by KANA IQ and optimized by…you guessed it, eVergance!

    Customer support isn’t always the sexiest topic, and I’ve yet to see a site dedicated to sightings of celebrities browsing a knowledgebase. However, a great product lacking this type of customer service normally results in a returned product, and the above are just a few examples of how the two go hand in hand.



  • Keith Holt 3:09 pm on June 23, 2009 | # | Reply

    Customer support may not be sexy but but it’s one of those things that’s noticed most in its absence. That is the quickest way to get attention is for it to break down in some way. Another thing all those A-list manufacturers and service providers Scott mentioned have in common is that they recognize this fact. Their customer support deployements – both self-service and agent-assistance – were designed intentionally to work quietly but solidly in the background to ensure the success of their customers using thir products.

  • Allen Bonde 6:46 pm on June 23, 2009 | # | Reply

    Agree! Ensuring customers know how to use their new devices early on is key. It’s why we are big on adding user forums, online tutorials and even having other learning content “surround” support content on self-service sites. And why getting employees in retail stores to use the same knowledge tools can be good way to show customers what resources are available… and even drive more sales. Our recent Carphone Warehouse case study has some great examples – ping me if you’d like a copy.


  • James Jeffery 7:54 pm on June 25, 2009 | # | Reply

    Has to be the iPhone. The developer base (the ones who develop applications) is huge and highly rewarding! I doubt any other company will top it to be honest, not unless they come out with something totally unique.

    The iPhone has been going 2 years, and their sales are increasing.

  • Daniel 10:18 pm on August 27, 2009 | # | Reply

    Storm is getting thrown in trash and iphone here I come.

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