Blogging is a Relay Race, not a Solo-Endeavor

Well, this is going to be my last post here.  I am passing the baton.

After nearly one year posting weekly, and sometimes even daily, I have to go.  I am leaving eVergance, searching for other horizons.  It was a hard decision, and long-thought out, and I know it will lead me closer to my hopes and dreams.  I shall miss this, but I am certain to come up with some other place where to blog.  That is pretty darn sure.  I am not sure yet where I will end up, I have to take a vacation after nearly 10 years of constant work.  I shall know more in the coming weeks, I do have some ideas of what I will do – nothing concrete yet.  If you follow me on twitter you can find out where things go.

As for the blog, it can’t go anywhere but up.  My successor is one of the people I always admired.  Allen Bonde, formerly an analyst for Yankee and founder of the Allen Bonde Group, has an amazing grasp of the market.  I always wanted to grow up to be like him while I was at Gartner.  He will take control of this blog going forward, and you are definitely in for a treat.  I am certain that it will take him a few weeks to get warmed up (as I did when I started), but his insights and experiences far surpass anything I could do.  I would most definitely keep reading as he warms up, and pretty soon you will understand why.

So, I bid you adieu.  So Long, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Bye.  Thanks a lot for the time, readership, and the many good memories.  This was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had in connecting with you and I will take all I learned and the trust you put on me and make it into something better in the future.  Promise

Be seeing you soon…