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    The End of the Hype for Feedback

    I had it.  I keep reading all over the place how organizations measure their NPI Score and how to survey your customers.  I keep hearing talk about customer-centricity as if the mere act of pretending to care about your customers can get you there.  The words EFM, surveys, customer satisfaction, loyalty and NPI Score seem to be interchangeable in almost any business publication or blogs.  People are talking, and for the most part they don’t know what they are saying.

    It is true you have to collect and analyze your customers’ opinions.  It is totally true that there is more to feedback than just doing surveys.  Alas, it is also true that most organizations don’t know, or completely ignore, those facts. As well as the fact that there is total lack of understanding of what EFM stands for, how to implement it, and what are the advantages versus something like — say, surveys. Or analytical CRM.

    So, the question emerges… how to get EFM under control and understand the facts – not the hype?  Glad you asked… Since I had some time free last couple of weeks, I created a compilation, brief of the main points of EFM.  It is called the “Resource Guide to EFM”.  I know, catchy and original – thanks.

    In this guide you will find the basics of EFM, including the history, the definition, the components, the strategy, and the first steps to take into implementing it.  You will also get some best practices, advice, and recommendations… and when you are done with it, it self-recycles and comes back as a butterfly. Seriously, this is a nice, short (just four pages) document that will allow you to get the basics of EFM under your hat.

    My goal in releasing this is to create a level playing field; a common ground.  I want to be able to continue my diatribes about loyalty, satisfaction, and feedback management in a way that will make sure you get what I am saying, where I am coming from.  The only way to do that is to define what it is I am  talking about.  Would you like to get a copy?  No problem.  Simply send us an email and we will get it to you.  Of course there is no charge.

    The only requirement, make sure to come back and post a comment on your thoughts, or send me an email and either ask me what I meant, tell me I am wrong, or tell me what was good about it.  My email address is first-initial-last-name at evergance-dot-com (HA! try to spam that address).  Speaking of SPAM, we will not use your email address for SPAM, so no worries on sending the email to us.

    What do you say?  Are you interested?



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