• 08:48:39 pm on May 23, 2008 | 0
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    With all the web 2.0 solutions available, you need to determine what part of community generated content you want to adopt, and how you want to leverage its voice during the sales cycle.

    I bucket community content in several categories – There is emotional content – like the positive or negative impressions of your products, ratings, as well as the storytelling about your product. Think of the youTube videos that showcase the accomplishments that users have had with your product. There is learning content – like user generated FAQs that augment product knowledge on your site, or add to your training material. There is relationship content – like discussion groups or forums which bring like minded users together to share ideas and best practices.

    Community generated content as a learning tool is a good place to start. You will never be able to write all the content that your users need yourself, and have it available in all the languages that you support. If you are comfortable with giving up a little control, the ROI that you gain by giving users authoring rights is quickly seen. You’ll also be surprised by the quality of contributions. You’ll quickly see who your brand advocates are, and how the user community puts peer pressure on itself to create very useful content.

    How many of you are letting go of control? And how have you implemented it?


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